​Whether residential or commercial, and whether you are the buyer or seller, we help you to avoid surprises and make sure you are protected at every step of the transaction.

We help our clients with:

  • buying or selling a residential property;

  • navigating the particularities of condominiums;

  • buying or selling a commercial property;

  • mortgages and renewals; and

  • tenancies.

Snyder & Associates acts on behalf of buyers and sellers, and our work with various financial institutions often allows us to effect cost savings for our clients.

Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate is one of the cornerstones of our practice at Snyder & Associates. We act on behalf of buyers and sellers, and work with numerous financial institutions with respect to the preparation and execution of mortgages. Due to eagerness or anxiety, buyers and sellers often fail to address a number of crucial issues. Such omissions can later prove distressing and costly. At Snyder & Associates, we assist our clients in completing transactions which are free of pitfalls and disappointments.


While condominiums have much in common with other kinds of real estate, their unique characteristics require particular consideration from potential purchasers. Our lawyers have extensive experience with these characteristics.

Mortgages and Renewals

Most consumer real estate mortgages are written for terms of five years or fewer, even though their amortization periods (the time it would take to pay off the entire mortgage were interest rates to stay the same) may be between 10 and 30 years. When the term ends, the mortgage is due and payable. At this point, most mortgage holders take the opportunity to renew or to renegotiate. There are several points to consider when negotiating or renewing a mortgage.

Commercial Real Estate

Buying a commercial property requires extensive due diligence to ensure the buyer knows what they are getting, and generally comes with more extensive financing requirements. Several lawyers at Snyder & Associates are experienced in helping buyers and sellers achieve a smooth transaction.

​For residential, condominiums, and mortgage/renewal, call and ask to speak to Charleen, senior real estate paralegal. For commercial real estate, call Stephen or Ed.