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The area of family law includes a broad range of legal matters, such as pre-nuptial agreements, adoptions, guardianships, separations, divorces and issues related to matrimonial property rights and enforcement of child and spousal support. All matters involving children are included in this area of practice.

Snyder & Associates offers a full range of services relating to family law. Due to the firm's expertise in such related areas as tax management and estate planning, Snyder & Associates' lawyers are able to structure agreements and settlements to the maximum benefit of our clients. The firm's emphasis on close consultation between lawyer and client leads to the development of a course of action best suited to each particular situation and each individual client.

Matters relating to family law are often fraught with difficult and emotional decisions. At Snyder & Associates we are aware of this and thus attempt to reduce the emotional strain of negotiation while achieving the most beneficial results for our clients.

Divorce Law

Divorce law is a separate area of family law. Actions commenced for a divorce and for division of matrimonial property are two separate legal actions. The issues of maintenance and custody of children are dealt with in a divorce action, while allocation of both real and personal property between spouses is addressed in a matrimonial property action.

Divorce includes a broad range of matters, and is inevitably a complex and emotional process. The lawyers at Snyder & Associates can help you to sort through your concerns, and ensure that all relevant issues are addressed in necessary documents and discussions with opposing counsel.