Snyder & Associates is always looking for talented staff and lawyers, and each year we hire two articling students. 

For those applying for legal assistant, paralegal, or other administrative positions, please submit your application to Stephen Snyder at [email protected]

For those applying for our articling program or as an associate, please submit your application to Nicolas Rehberg-Besler at [email protected].

Articling Program

Our Articling Program is designed to give students experience in each of the major areas of the law, and over the course of the year allow them to take on more of the work they most enjoy and in which they desire to hone their skills.

Students are given time off as needed for CPLED, and encouraged to maintain an appropriate work life balance. Throughout the year, and after they go on to become junior associates, our students are encouraged to take advantage of our open door policy and seek input and assistance from senior associates and partners.

Job Opportunities

Associate Lawyer

We offer competitive salaries and benefits packages, and are happy to receive your application.