Many Albertan companies find success and thrive with a local focus. In some industries, however, organizations recognize that, in order to really prosper and grow, they have to be part of the international marketplace. Our firm has decades of experience in helping make the step onto the international scene a successful one.

Stephen Snyder may not be a basketball star from Harlem, but you could certainly call him a globetrotter. His many trips overseas take him around the world.

He is the managing partner of law firm Snyder & Associates and has become recognized as a specialist in international commercial law. His work in helping clients develop an international business presence is the keystone of his practice. His clients have formed business alliances in the United States, Mexico, the China and other countries in the Pacific Rim, central and Eastern Europe, the Persian Gulf, South America and Africa.

"Tremendous opportunity exists in the international marketplace. Snyder & Associates wants to help you capture it."

He concentrates on the many legal and commercial aspects of international business, including the treaties, appropriate contract documentation, payment schedules, dispute resolution, letters of credit and banking arrangements. In doing so, he endeavours to ensure that those matters are dealt with in a fashion whereby the owners get a maximum amount of return for a minimum amount of risk.

Mr. Snyder got his start in international business transactions in the 1980's.

"Our firm had an office in Hong Kong that was there for a number of years to help local residents emigrate to Canada. We became known in the international field by virtue of the fact that we had a Hong Kong office."

When Alberta businesses started to develop international operations in the mid-80's, his experience was a valuable asset in helping them understand the myriad details in overseas commerce. Developing international opportunities often requires help navigating through the obstacles that can crop up at any step along the way.

When dealing internationally, one should be aware that business cultures vary from business location to business location. The business culture in Ireland is very different from the business culture in Germany, which is very different from the business culture in Abu Dhabi. Mr. Snyder's years of experience in the international market place have given him a solid network of business relationships with bankers, lawyers and other key players. This is a tremendous advantage for his clients.

In addition, representing a client's international commercial interest involves tracking political and financial developments across the globe, receiving bulletins from overseas banking contacts, and watching currency markets for changes or new situations that can affect a client's overseas operations.

Stephen Snyder's client list includes oil and gas businesses, along with a developing portfolio of high-tech, software and knowledge-based industries. Safeguarding a client's intellectual property in international business deals is critical for high-tech and software transactions.

"Intellectual property is the most rapidly growing area of my practice. The whole issue of technical know-how and technical processes involved is hugely significant"

He believes that the wide-ranging technical expertise in many Alberta industries can translate to success in the international arena and that we have a remarkable pool of incredibly smart people and a tremendous amount of intellectual property that has already been created. That knowledge base is another "Alberta Advantage" that could be shared with the rest of the world.

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