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Before beginning any immigration process to Canada, you should absolutely speak to a licenced immigration lawyer.

It is important to know your rights.

Immigration work is an area of specialization at Snyder & Associates, and we have helped hundreds of individual and corporate clients from other nations who have chosen to settle in Alberta.

Members of our firm would be pleased to consult with clients who are eligible for the Express Entry Immigration Program or the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (“AINP”). These Programs are designed to encourage economic initiatives which are of benefit to Canada and Alberta and facilitate the immigration of skilled persons from around the world.

We routinely assist clients with respect to their family sponsorship applications (Spouse, partner or dependent child) as well as Parents and Grandparents sponsorship applications. Our expertise is not limited to permanent residence applications. We offer guidance to our clients on their applications for work permits (open or employer-specific), study permits, visitor visas or temporary resident permits.

We also represent individuals with respect to their Humanitarian and Compassionate claims and all other classes of immigration. To further assist candidates, we help prepare them for their interviews. In addition, we are well prepared to deal with any issue revolving around Canadian citizenship (citizenship applications for adults and minors, proof of citizenship applications, renunciation, etc.) As the global village continues to shrink, movement of persons in and out of Canada will increase. At Snyder & Associates, we are also able to provide guidance and assistance to those individuals and businesses who intend to leave Canada to pursue their interests abroad, particularly in Canada's largest trading partner, the United States.

Understanding the difficulties experienced by new Canadians regarding language and custom, we endeavour to make the immigration process as simple and stress-free as possible. To that end, we are able to assist our clients in a number of languages.